20 Web Design Tools for Different Types of Web Design Software

What is the best web design software? It’s a question that everyone asks themselves. And it’s a tough one to answer because there are so many options out there. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular and powerful web design tools available to programmers, marketers, and designers today. These 10 tools make up what we think is the perfect list of what to use, and why.

What is Web Design Software?

For commercial purposes, the web design software is work for graphic designers. So, from that point of view, you will find out that the three categories are these:

  • Desktop Design Software 
  • Mobile Design Software 
  • Hybrid Design Software 

Desktop Web Design Software is those with which you are most familiar. It is more suitable for business websites. You can create a static website for your business. However, for mobile websites, you can use a web design app. The purpose of a desktop web design app is to have a central place to store website content.

4 Different Types of Web Design Software: Explaining the Differences

4 Different Types of Web Design Software: Explaining the Differences
4 Different Types of Web Design Software: Explaining the Differences

Before the development of web design software, website owners had to utilize images, clipart, programs such as FrontPage and Visio to draw the site as the website pages were being designed. Similarly, using these tools, designing a website could take weeks or even months. Newer types of website design software like PageMill and Weebly have come to replace such older tools. Now, the website owners can draw the website as they design it with the help of these web design tools. 

Nowadays, website owners don’t have to wait for months to launch their site as they can design it in advance. So, web designers can turn their drawing skills to use these tools as well to get quick ideas about what their website should look like.

1. For Marketers

Marketplace design is about how the individual marketer designs and sells on the web. This could be the digital marketing and lead generation platform, also known as paid advertising services, or a marketing automation system. It provides analytics capabilities, a user-friendly interface, and marketing automation of automated content marketing, including sales email, social media postings, and website traffic generation. These websites have all the characteristics of being the ideal Web Design App for Marketers. They are user-friendly with plenty of options and templates, and also have an easy-to-use user interface.

2. For Building Website

You will have to have to search for an outstanding web development and design company that can develop your new and unique business website. E-commerce website designing is a popular option that you can consider. However, this web design app for e-commerce is very popular in the web market. Online store web design is a popular choice for developing an e-commerce website. This will help you to sell products and services online. Above all, it will give you all the features that you need for creating an e-commerce website. Web development is one of the most popular web development tasks.

3. For E-Commerce

The first type of web design software that is used for e-commerce is design platform software. Design platform software is a lightweight platform for creating websites and for e-commerce websites. In this type of website, users can create and design sites for web-based commerce with its easy-to-use drag and drop editor, formatting tools, and real-time support. The second type of software that is used for e-commerce is integrated website builder software. This integrated website builder software helps the users in creating a beautiful and fully functional e-commerce website from scratch with its drag and drop interface.

4. For Graphic Designers

Web design software for graphic designers is designed to provide the necessary tools for designers to get the job done right. These are widely used by graphic designers to provide a real client-facing experience to clients. A web designer specializes in the design of the web or other places such as print and CD-ROM. The design of the web is very different from that of a printed page. This means that the tools and services provided by the web designer have to be extra specialized and therefore the cost too should be higher than for regular website development. A UI UX designing software for graphic designers is intended to provide the required tools to design the website, and also supports a client-facing experience and has a simple navigation.

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Best Web Design Tools for Marketers

1. Figma


Figma is software for professionals, freelancers, and small businesses. It is easy to use. And you can extend its functions with plugins for products, videos, and more. Interacting with Zoho you can manage sales, distribution, and customer support from one place. You can also find several templates to help you create and manage your products. It is also easy to use.

With Figma, you can create powerful websites without coding. All you need to do is drag and drop the elements on the canvas. 

2. WordPress


WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and it has become a major force in web building software as well. It has an intuitive user interface, native plugins, and tons of features. WordPress is an open-source image editing and manipulation tool. Furthermore, you can get free and paid web design templates, and choose from various themes for logos, icons, and custom logos with this software.

Best Web Design Software Tools for Building a Website

3. Wix


For building websites: Wix is the popular and famous DIY website builder with 3 million monthly users. The feature that makes Wix so easy is the way you can customize your site to fit your own needs and preferences. With hundreds of templates to choose from, you will not have any trouble creating a website that looks great and functions perfectly. You can even build one entirely from scratch if you know how to code! Furthermore, with Wix, you can build your dream site with beautiful designs and features – all starting at just $4.99 per month.

4. Sitecore


One of the best web design software, Sitecore helps to develop a professional website. It is also best for that website to be optimized for search engines. Sitecore has all the features and tools you need to create a professional-looking website and online store, right at your fingertips. The service offers two levels of account – free and premium – to help you get started. So, if you’re looking for a web design service, you’ve found

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